“The best decision I ever made was to stop handing out free materials and require people to send it to themselves on the kiosk.”

Don’t Lose Trade Show Leads Ever Again!

Studies show that as many as 50% of leads are lost due to unreadable handwriting, typos, misprints, and lost paperwork. CityGro drastically increases the value of your leads by ensuring that every contact is immediately transferred into your network immediately after it is typed in.

Don't lose trade show leads

Save Time and Money with the Trade Show Marketing Kiosk

Spend less time transferring your data and more time talking to customers. With CityGro’s data-capturing kiosk, leads are created immediately upon submission. CityGro can even sort leads based on qualifying data such as income, credentials, demographics, etc. You’ll save time and, best of all, you’ll save money.

Spend less time transferring data from spreadsheets


Increase Your Odds of Making the Sale

The chance of a prospect buying decreases with every hour that goes by. CityGro instantly sends a follow up to your prospects so they get the information while it is fresh on their minds. Set up automated campaigns to send brochures, contact information, and pricing immediately after a lead is created.

Send follow ups to trade show leads instantly


Keep in Contact with Your Leads Even After the Trade Show Ends

According to one of our clients, “The best decision [she] ever made was to stop handing out free stuff and require people to send it to themselves on the kiosk.”

CityGro makes it easy to interact with leads even after the show ends. People who enter their information receive an immediate text message or email, and after that, you can set up what messages you’d like to send and how you’d like to communicate with each potential customer.

Get higher participation rates with CityGro

What If Customers Don’t Want to Share Their Info?

Let’s face it, you know that when a prospect says “Can you give me a card?” they usually aren’t interested. It’s an easy way for potential leads to getting out of the conversation without making a commitment, but even so, most sales reps fall for it!

The CityGro kiosk helps you sort the leads who are really interested out from the ones who are just being polite. If people are interested, they will give you their info, and gladly, to get the valuable services you provide. You will get more qualified leads than ever before.

In addition, CityGro can help you get more customer interaction than ever before with our proven strategies that encourage opt-ins. Give us a call today to take a tour of our system and see how our kiosk can help you improve your trade show experience.

Get better responses from trade show leads

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