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Let’s say you’ve installed your CityGro kiosk and are constantly getting positive feedback from your customers. However, you’re running into a problem: the iPad or tablet can’t keep up with your busy business! You have tried three different chargers. They work on your phone, but your iPad or tablet just won't charge — what do you..

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Customers New and Old When I spent my time managing restaurants, I was always trying to find new and innovative ways to market and drive new customers into my restaurants. This is crucial with any business! Your customers are the backbone of your business and the only way you survive. Driving new customers in, lets you continue to grow and expand..

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In this day and age, having access to customer information is a major key for business success. Capturing customers’ info provides a way for you to reach out to and stay in contact with your customers. Here at CityGro, this is at the core of what we provide. This post is the first in a series that will go over some out-of-the-box strategies of..


If you are like me you always think, “Wouldn’t it be great to get Apple’s latest new device?” but then you stop at the thought of paying full price. Whether you're looking for a great deal on an iPad for your CityGro kiosk system or you want one to support your growing mobile business, today's post is going to go over some simple tricks on..

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As many of you know, text message marketing (SMS) is the most effective way to communicate with customers. With a 95%+ read rate (80% of that within the first 2 minutes), you can send out a message and usually get customers to follow your call of action within 10 minutes. In today's post, I want to look at 3 different ways you can engage..


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An Easy Sale – Focus on Your Current Customers in Order to Find New OnesMarch 7th 2016

The modern consumer faces a dizzying number of..

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Turn Your Digital Waiver into a Marketing ChannelJuly 6th 2016

Does your business require customers to sign..