Email Marketing that Gets Results

When it comes to email marketing, your potential is as large as the network of email addresses you’ve collected. In addition to a very user friendly email editor, CityGro gives you the tools you need to capture customer emails.

Automated Email Marketing

Sending emails can be a great way to reach out to customers, but it’s often a drain on time. CityGro can streamline your email marketing through a system of automated marketing triggers. Set up automatic emails to reach out to customers who just joined your network and to customers who haven’t come in for a while. Send instant promotions, brochures, reminders, and other types of emails to keep in touch with your customers. If you’re worried about sending too many messages, we’ll guide you through best practices for messaging frequency

Get More Email Addresses

CityGro provides solutions to capture email addresses from your customers. Our iPad kiosk syncs automatically with your email list to make sure you never lose a lead—or waste time transferring addresses from spreadsheets. You can also use CityGro’s online- and mobile-optimized web forms as an easy way to follow up and get customer data.


Our system also allows you to import existing email lists, so you don’t miss a beat. Our goal is to not only provide a simple solutions to send marketing emails, but a simple solution to catch emails right from your storefront. Our innovative capture techniques can help you get as many as 10 times the data of other email-gathering systems.

Capture more email addresses with CityGro

Track Results with Email Marketing Reports

CityGro makes it easy to monitor the efforts of your email marketing with live stats on open rates, opt-out rates, and other useful data. View our popular reports or build reports of your own through the CityGro management portal.


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