Digital Waivers


The only waiver software with built-in marketing automation.

Why do 1000’s of businesses choose CityGro Waivers™?


Digitize Waivers In Minutes

CityGro makes digital waivers easy. Whether you convert your current waiver or start from scratch, you’ll be set up in minutes. 


Built-in Marketing Software 

The #1 reason businesses switch their waivers to CityGro is for the automated text and email marketing capabilities. 

Up to 80% of your customers are willing to connect with your business when signing your waiver.

110% E-sign Compliant

CityGro goes above and being the standard compliance protocol to ensure that your waivers are compliant and secure. 


Best price guarantee!

When it comes to a price comparison, CityGro will bring you the most value for the best price, guaranteed!

“CityGro turned our waivers into a marketing channel!”

Easily manage your waivers


Upload PDF or Start from Scratch

CityGro’s digital waiver editor allows you to upload an existing pdf or start completely from scratch.


Add Unlimited Fields

Whether you need a single signature waiver or a multi-page application, we’ve got you covered.


Access Waivers from Secure Management Portal

Each signed waiver is stored with the customer profile where you can quickly access it at any time. 


Modify Waiver Anytime

Quickly access your waiver when changes are needed.

Multiple ways to sign


Sign On Your Website

Add a link to your digital waiver or embed it directly on your site so customers can sign prior to coming in. 


Sign via Mobile Phone

The CityGro Digital Waiver is mobile optimized so that customers can sign from anywhere. Signing from a mobile phone is vital when the lines are long!


Sign via Kiosk App

Allow customers to sign their waiver in person using the CityGro Digital Waiver Kiosk App, available for iPad. Quickly verify signed waivers from any computer. 


Email or Text Waiver Link

Send your digital waiver through text and email to get quick signatures or have customers resign.


Put your data to use


Instant Texts and Emails

Send messages directly after customers sign waivers or queue messages up to bring customers back. CityGro Waivers works seamlessly with CityGro Messaging.  


Re-capture Lost Customers

Automatically send incentives via text and email to customers who haven’t been in for a while. Target different customers with different incentives based on how lost they are. 


Track Lost Customers

CityGro tracks customer frequency to identify your frequent customers as well as customers who have stopped coming in. 


3rd Party Integrations

Feed the data from your digital waivers to and from other systems using the CityGro API.

Secure & Compliant


E-sign Act Compliance

As long as your business is compliant, the e-sign act allows you to collect signatures digitally just as if they were signed on paper. CityGro is 100% compliant with all requirements of the e-sign act. 


Encrypted Access Points

CityGro encrypts each waiver in a secured database which is why CityGro has gained the trust of 1000’s of businesses including high-security organizations such as banks, universities and more. 


Text + Email Compliance

A compliant waiver does not ensure compliance with marketing laws such as the TCPA. CityGro helps keep you compliant with both saving you thousands of dollars and loads of risk. 


Waiver Authentication

Verify the authentication of any CityGro waiver using CityGro’s waiver authentication feature. 


The CityGro Kiosk 


A Breakthrough in Digital Waivers

The CityGro Kiosk App for iPad makes signing digital waivers a completely refreshing customer experience. With complete control over images, pages, data fields and more, you can ensure that your customers have the best experience possible. 

Launch the iPad kiosk in your business and allow customers to quickly and easily sign, re-sign, register, take pictures, give feedback and more. The CityGro Kiosk app is included with any waiver packages with no limit to devices in a single location!


Peace of mind


Opt-in + opt-out management

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FCC and CTIA compliant

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Want more?


Auto-email Completed Waivers

Automatically email signed waivers to customers and specified admins. 


Offline Mode

Keep your waivers alive when the network is down. Use offline mode on the digital waiver kiosk and your waivers will sync back up when the internet is available.  


One-click Signature

Reuse signatures throughout your entire digital waiver.


Re-sign / Re-verify

Set your preference on whether you need customers to re-sign every time they come in or simply re-verify. You can even ask for new information on any given visit.  


Desktop Application

Get instant alerts on your desktop computer when a customers signs a waiver on the kiosk. Great for verifying waivers at the counter.


Simple Customer Lookup

With each customer being tied to a phone number, finding customers with CityGro Digital Waivers is a breeze!

  • "Since we started using CityGro, we have gotten rid of the cost of punch cards, employees don’t have to insert the phone numbers and emails from business cards we used to collect, and now that we have thousands of people in our network, we don’t have to reach people through third-party advertising. It costs us a couple cents to contact a customer, and even if it takes 10 messages to bring them back, it is extremely profitable."

    Zak Manning
    Zak Manning Owner, Farr's Fresh
  •   "CityGro helps us bring customers back by allowing us to reward and engage our customers on a programmatic basis."

    Patrick Galleher
    Patrick Galleher CEO, sweetFrog
  •   "With our business having several different locations and seasonal schedules, it was hugely important for us to be able to customize and automate our text marketing system. CityGro worked with us to integrate directly into our POS, which gives us access to how often our customers visit and allows us to send them offers accordingly."

    Jeff Sadler
    Jeff Sadler Hokulia
  •   "From webforms to text keywords, CityGro's solutions have helped us integrate digital marketing across our various locations. The CityGro App for iPad is incredibly user-friendly for both our more senior customers and small children. The platform allows us to personalize messages to different types of customers and automate them based on visit frequency."

    Trevor Cannon
    Trevor Cannon Fat Cats

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