The Dev Team has been at it again and 2.2.4 provides the best experience yet. In 2.2.4 you will find new options for branding, enhanced features for capturing attention, and a smoother experience for your customers. Here is a list of what you will find in the most recent app release.

– Improved Download Time: CityGro now downloads images on each kiosk to improve check-in times.
– Updated Keyboard Design: It’s amazing how fast the new gets old.
– More Customization: The most customizable kiosk just became more customizable. You can now change the colors of your buttons to make them pop and direct your customer’s eyes where they need to go.
– Advanced Flagging Features: Cater to your different events by turning Flags on right from the kiosk.
– Offline Indication on the Offers Page: Clarification added to ensure you know when your kiosk is not online.
– Optional Languages: CityGro is now in multiple languages including Spanish and Swedish… more to come.
– Bug fixes: Crash fixes and other small issues that were impacting the user experience.

We hope you enjoy the new features and as always… there is more to come!