Customer Segmentation for Better Marketing

When it comes to customer engagement, relevancy is the name of the game. Make sure your message is relevant with CityGro’s customer segmentation tools. With CityGro, it’s easy to group customers by interests, commonalities, demographics and more.

What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer Segmentation inolves grouping your customers into clusters based on similar characteristics. These characteristics might include demographics such as age and gender, customer location, interests, purchases, and more. Once customers are segmented into groups, your ability to communicate relevant messages to them increases significantly.

What is segmentation

Customer Segmentation in your Marketing Efforts

For the purpose of marketing, customer segmentation can be a great way to make sure messages are relevant , especially when reaching out to each customer individually isn’t an option. Take, for example, the downtown business owner who has a different daytime crowd than evening crowd. He/she may want to consider splitting them into groups and communicating to them differently. Other examples might include a salon who wants to reach out differently based on gender, the restaurant who markets differently to loyal customers than non-loyal customers, and the nightclub that hosts events tailored to several different genres of music. Each business type listed has reason to segment customers and tailor specific messages to each customer segment.

Marketing efforts

Tools to Segment Customers

CityGro offers several tools to group customers into segments. The most common tool in a brick and mortar envirnoment is the CityGro iPad Kiosk which allows customers to quickly insert their info and groups them automatically. In the simplest form, a customer could use a phone number every time they visit your location and based solely on that we know the location, purchase time, loyalty points, and can track how often they come in. If more information is needed in your customer segmentation strategy a mobile optimised webform is another tool and can be automatically triggered from the kiosk. This webform can be used to collect data such as birthdates, emails, interest groups, etc. Combine these tools and more for a very powerful customer segmentation and marketing strategy.


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