10 Creative Marketing Ideas to Drive Loyalty This July

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July is upon us, and we’re ready to help kick your business’ marketing efforts into gear with 10 Creative Marketing Ideas to drive customers to your business this month. July is full of especially interesting holidays you can use to your advantage to stick out from competitors and draw in customers.

  1. July 2nd —We have two options for you on this day. The first: World UFO Day—have a deal or a product that is extra special? Offer something “out of this world” to your “earthling” customers.  Next up is I Forgot Day—we all forget things sometimes, so why not use this all-too relatable day to remind customers to check back in with your business? Don’t let them forget about you, and remind them that they are the ones who keep you in business.
  2. July 3rd is Stay Out of the Sun Day—encourage customers to take a break from the sun by visiting your business. What do you sell that would make their sunny day more enjoyable?
  3. July 4th is one of the best days to maximize customer engagement and sales. Chances are if you’re in the good ole’ USA, people will be spending the day with their families or friends. Use this to your advantage and offer group discount deals. Or, in honor of freedom, offer to pay customers’ sales tax on this day.
  4. July 5th is Workaholics Day, the perfect day to give yourself or another workaholic a much-deserved break. If that doesn’t work, invite workaholics to get takeout so they can multitask and continue being workaholics. Don’t forget to give back to your employees on this day too!
  5. July 7th is Tell the Truth Day. Get customer feedback with the use of a survey for a free treat or deal after they complete it, or the next time they come in. Invite them to rate you on Yelp so you can improve your business and get some good publicity at the same time! It’s also National Chocolate Day! Promote any items with chocolate, or tell customers to consider buying something you sell with chocolate as a way to apologize to someone they may have been a bit too honest with today.
  6. July 13th is Fool’s Paradise Day. Ignore reality for a bit and invite customers to “paradise” (your business). Offer half-off appetizers or drinks and let customers unwind. If you really feel like going above and beyond, deck our your business in an island theme. They say ignorance is bliss, right? I pity the foolish business that doesn’t take advantage of this day.
  7. July 14th—Another interesting day this July is Pandemonium Day. If you feel like getting wacky, mix things up from their usual state. Invite customers to embrace the chaos with you and surprise random customers with extras or discounts, or a different arrangement of your business. Be creative and think of other ways your business can play up, and even embrace, chaotic fun throughout the day. There’s a reason this day is also Bastille Day and National Nude day, just sayin’.
  8. July 15th is the middle of the month and Hump Day. Get over the middle of the week and on the right track going into the weekend with half-off deals and a break from the Wednesday blues.
  9. July 21st is National Junk Food Day. If you sell junk food, the name of this day alone may be incentive enough to give in and indulge in the sweet side. If you’re a gym or other health related business, encourage customers to stay strong and instead visit your business until the temptation passes.
  10. July 26th is All or Nothing Day. There’s no better day to go all out for your customers. Offer free upgrades or extras for customers and encourage them to adopt the same mentality by completing their order, outfit, membership, or any other purchase.

As always, remember to celebrate customer birthdays this July!

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