3 Road Blocks That Kill Engagement

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Road Block

When implementing a customer loyalty program, there are many pitfalls you want to avoid. The goal is to increase consumer engagement. To do that, there needs to be a good loyalty program in place that is intuitive and easy to use. To increase the success of your rewards program, here are three common road blocks you need to avoid.

1. Only Encouraging Online Access
While it is a good idea to encourage consumers to go online and participate in your company’s reward program, it shouldn’t be the only way for them to do so. Many consumers, even those who have the best intentions are not going to remember to do that once they leave your site or store. But, if you were to put a kiosk in front of the register or even in the front of the store, you can increase the odds of them signing up and participating on the spot.

2. Pay First to Participate
Who doesn’t love the thrill and excitement of getting something for free? Not very many customers can resist the lure of being invited to sign up for a reward program where they can earn rewards for free. If your engagement program requires consumers to sign up and pay to use it on the spot, then you’ve already lost them as a participant, because they are not going to want to try it. By offering the program for free, you can encourage them to try the program out and see if they like it. You can always incentivize it so the rewards are much higher if they upgrade to a paid membership. Keep in mind that the goal for engagement programs is not to make money off them, but to increase consumer participation so you can collect data and use it to increase profits in other ways.

3. Keeping Up With Cards
Customers lead very busy lives. It doesn’t matter how often you see them in your store or how much they spend, they are not always going to remember to bring their loyalty cards. They are not always going to want to dig through their purses, wallets, and pockets to find them either. Convenience and simplicity are two factors that can significantly impact your engagement success. Make things easier for them to participate, allow them to do one thing at the checkouts to participate, simply input their phone number.

By implementing a simple solution that is easy and less invasive, you can monitor consumer behavior, and transform the face of your engagement programs. You can also reduce the amount of resources that are used to capture the data you need so you can improve your marketing and advertising campaigns. The goal is to make every interaction with your company, from the very first moment of contact a pleasant and intuitive one that allows customers to feel in control at all times.

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