There are a limited number of summer vacation days. Inevitably the school year begins and summer vacation ends. So the question we must ask ourselves is what to do with the summer vacation days remaining. Like maybe…

Marketing Ideas for August:

August 3rd – National Watermelon Day: Few things say summer like watermelon. If your business has the option of adding a watermelon dish, drink or flavor to your menu this is a great way to kick it off or promote it.

August 4th – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: This is one of the best days of the year! Any business can add cookies as part of a freebie event. And Chocolate Chip is one of the best! Your ROI and your customers will thank you.

August 5th – National Friendship Day: Create a “Friends of (business name here)” special and promote it by having customers become a friend by joining your text and email club. Customers will love the discount and it is a great opportunity to build your marketing list.

August 13th – National Bowling Day: This holiday may be industry specific, but a little creativity could score a strike for your business as well. If your business is near a local lane see if they would be willing to cross promote with you. By offering discounts on either business by showing a receipt from the other. Don’t forget to promote it with a text or email blast!

August 15th – National Relaxation Day: Summer is a great time to relax and recharge your energy but that doesn’t mean you can slack off on your marketing! If your business is one that has activities people do during their leisure time, create a promotion for this day and build interest around it with your promotions.

August 18th – National Fajita Day: This is a great day to promote for businesses that offer this menu item. Try offering a discount or special and don’t forget to let everyone know via text, email, and social media!

August 19th – National Potato Day:

August 19th – World Humanitarian Day: Create a promotion around this day that donates a portion of sales to a charity organization (choose carefully). You can even have a donation box for people who want to give more (you can even match donations). Set up a food bank donation box. They always appreciate donations. You could also donate your time to your local civic outreach programs, get your customers involved as well and build some energy and goodwill around it. In addition to the social benefits of giving back to your community, you can also receive a tax break (win-win).

Back To School (Date Varies): For this one, you will need to do a little online research to find out your local school district’s schedule. For many, this is around the 20th. Back to school promotions are a time-honored and proven marketing tactic. “Buy one, get one”, discounts, freebies, there are almost no wrong answers. Don’t miss your marketing window on this one.

August 20th National Lemonade Day: Build your list by offering a free lemonade with sign up to your text and email club, or promote specific entrées on your menu by pairing them with lemonade, or if your business is so inclined, create a lemonade inspired dessert. Of course, don’t forget to promote them with text and email blasts.

August 24th – National Waffle Day: Dessert waffles and waffle cones extend the reach of this promotional holiday beyond just breakfast. Use text, email, and social media to build energy and excitement for this day and hallmark it with deals and specials to keep your customer talking about this day for weeks to come.

August 25th – National Banana Split Day: Even though this day could have been part of July’s “Ice Cream Month” this gives you a wonderful opportunity to bounce back customers from July. Remember retention marketing is about increasing the frequency of visits. This is a great way to renew the momentum you gained from July’s ice cream sales!

August 30th National Beach Day: Even if you are nowhere near a beach you can evoke a beach vibe with your summer specials and marketing. Tanning salons can promote a “beach bod” special. Restaurants can promote beach themed drinks and menu items. Even hair salons can promote bleach and color specials to give you that “sunny look.” With a little creativity, your specials and promotions will give you customers that feeling of “a day at the beach.”

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