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How CityGro Can Help Your Business Foster Repeat Engagement

As a savvy business owner or marketer, you know that your existing customers are your best leads. They have already qualified themselves as such by doing business with you on at least one occasion. This makes them familiar with what you offer and will help to make any future engagements simpler and more comfortable for them—and human nature loves comfort and simplicity.

Let CityGro Help YouGet more customer engagement

With that said, you want to create an effective action plan to nurture these people and promote repeat engagement with your business. If you are in this position but unsure of exactly how to achieve this goal, CityGro is here to help. Our proven solutions help you to capture valuable customer information and simplify their experiences with you, further encouraging their repeat business through customer engagement marketing.

CityGro’s  customer engagement kiosk solution allows you to capture valuable customer data with extreme ease—for both you and your customers. You can then take that data and implement a host of mobile marketing campaigns and track your metrics from an easy-to-use interface.

Communication Matters

Contrary to what many early critics of the Internet forewarned decades ago, our digital world has not fragmented communication or connection. The explosion of social media alone is just one testament to peoples’ continued desire to be connected and to communicate.

This idea is important for your business to embrace. Your customers want to hear from you, they want to interact with you, they want to connect with you. The more that you not only allow this but encourage it, the more you will enjoy repeat business and the growth of business when your loyal customers refer others to you.

Let Technology Foster Simplicity

The intuitive iPad interface of CityGro’s kiosk platform makes it easy for anyone to use. From a customer perspective, entering information takes mere seconds and is anything but invasive. From a business perspective, you can now capture more data in less time with no additional work required on your part. Gone are the days of manually entering customer data.

The data you receive can be used to create robust metric reporting to drive the creation and implementation of your repeat engagement campaigns. You can target different customer groups with unique campaigns and set them up to run automatically.

Lower Costs, Higher Return

CityGro’s platform allows you to reach more customers more frequently at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional re-engagement marketing efforts. Mobile marketing tactics are proven to yield much higher response rates as well.

By focusing on your existing customers and taking advantage of technology that makes marketing easier and more affordable than ever before, you will be on your way to the bottom line you have always wanted.

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