13 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This May

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Building customer loyalty is all about engagement, but sometimes it’s hard to just reach out on a random basis. As we leave winter behind and move into the warmer months, customers start to emerge. The businesses that capture their attention are those that will succeed. Luckily, May is chock full of fun and relevant reasons to grab their attention. Here are 13 creative marketing ideas that drive customer loyalty this May.

Marketing Ideas for May

Star Wars Day – May 4: No matter what business you operate, you have a ton of Star Wars fans in your clientele. This fan-driven holiday, which has become hugely popular in recent years, celebrates all that is quirky, adventurous, punny and inspirational about the movie franchise. Reward costumes, conduct social media contests, invite employees to dress up — there are near infinite ways to capture your audience’s attention without turning to the Dark Side — inaction.

Cinco de Mayo – May 5: This relatively small Mexican holiday has taken on much larger significance in the USA, bringing people of all backgrounds and nationalities together to celebrate Mexican heritage. Offer a free appetizer or discount to those wearing a sombrero, or simply for coming in.

Have a Coke Day – May 8: There’s always a reason to crack open an ice-cold Coca-Cola, but here’s another one.

Mother’s Day – May 12: Let’s give it up for the moms in our lives by giving them a special something for Mother’s Day. What product/service do you offer that is perfect for mothers?

Eat What you Want Day – May 11: What!? You mean not every day is Eat What You Want Day? In that case, we better engage with customers and make sure they don’t leave hungry. Remind your customers of their guilty food pleasures and give them an excuse to loosen the belt and enjoy.

Leprechaun Day – May 13: As if St Patty’s Day wasn’t enough, our little green friends demanded a day of their own. Well, they got it. Why not engage your customers with a chance to find their own pot of gold? Hide coupons around the store and invite your customers to come find them.

NBA Playoffs: Are your customers basketball fans? If so, don’t let them watch the NBA playoffs without you. Make sure you’re aware of the next game seven and other big games that may draw a crowd.

It’s Bike Month, which means Bike to Work Week (May 13-19) and Bike to Work Day (May 17th). Cater to your two-wheeled friends by offering a special promotion for anyone who comes in wearing a helmet.

Love a Tree Day – May 16: Looking for a service project? Take some time to plant some trees and invite your customers to come with you.

National Hamburger Day – May 28: If anything deserves a holiday, it’s the hamburger. If you’re serving delicious burgers, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate National Hamburger Day with your customers. Try offering a unique concoction in celebration of this momentous occasion.

Create a buzz by sharing interesting facts with your customers. Such as Babe Ruth hitting his 714th and last home run on the 25th of May, 1935. $7.14 special anyone?

Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 – May 30: Come on race fans! Give your customers a reason to make a pit stop at your business.

Don’t forget May birthdays. Birthday specials are a great way to bring in repeat customers. You can even celebrate with the stars like Billy Joel (May 9th), Mark Zuckerberg (May 14th) and Bob Dylan (May 24), to name a few.

Good luck. May the Fourth be… you get the point.

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