Why Are Customers Opting Out of SMS Text Marketing?

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Welcome to 2017, where 95% of Americans use cell phones. Using this for your business’s benefit is ideal, and luckily, we have SMS text marketing to achieve this. Any business can implement a text marketing platform, but not everyone can leverage it for the business’s advantage. Many companies just put it into effect and neglect to monitor it after doing so. This causes them to be entirely unaware that text message marketing tactics are actually doing more harm than good. This leaves many business owners to wonder “what could we have done differently?”

Good news! This doesn’t have to be the case for you. Your text marketing campaign can be extremely successful by just learning how to keep your customers engaged and entertained. There are three factors I’m going to discuss that could play into why your customers are opting-out of marketing messages.

1.Content of Your SMS Text Marketing Messages

The first potential factor I’m going to talk about is the content of your messages. It’s essential to have content that will be relevant to the customer. Sometimes, customers will wonder what impact or significance the messages and updates you share have on their lives. Ensure you don’t have pointless messages to give them a reason to stay on your subscribed list.

There are various things you can do to make sure the content in your messages are relevant and relatable. Avoid sending the same messages twice. Keep the content diverse and varying to show customers why it is relevant. Also, it’s essential to make sure what you’re sending appropriately relates to what your business is promoting/selling.

Another cool tip is personalizing messages to your customers, Our SmartText tool personalizes each text message to match every individual customer’s info, therefore making the messages personal and sparking the customer’s attention even more.


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2. Promotions and Incentives from SMS Text Marketing

Including promotions and incentives in your SMS messages is essential to keeping your subscribers engaged. Promotions and incentives can range anywhere from discounted products to buy one get one free (BOGO) offers. Any business can offer these, but implementing this effectively is where it really matters.

To offer incentives and promotions effectively, you need to pay attention to two things: the variety and the value of your promotions. As I previously mentioned, avoid sending the same message twice. If you’re sending out the same promotion more than once due to not seeing the results you wanted, don’t send the same promotion out again in hopes for a different outcome. Instead, take a step back and ask yourself, “Is this offer something that I would be interested in?” And if not, “Why am I offering it?” Repetitive messages can deter the customer and decrease the value of what you’re offering.

If you’re sending out a variety of promotions, it can give the customer an opportunity to redeem a useful range of discounts which can result in an increase in customers returning. It will also open the door to cater to different customer’s needs — perhaps different audience segments will respond better to offers, while others will be more interested in company announcements and updates!

3. The Frequency of SMS Text Marketing Messages

Message frequency is of the utmost importance. The keys to a successful text marketing platform are simplicity and timing. This is the number one reason customers end up unsubscribing to text alerts. Can you blame them? Imagine receiving a text every day, at the same time, with the same offer. While this is an extreme case, I would get annoyed really fast and end up unsubscribing, as I’m sure lots of other customers would.

Here at CityGro, we pride ourselves in our marketing skills and our ability to utilize these three factors in order to keep your customers happy. Are there other strategies you’ve implemented to keep your customers opted-in to your marketing messages? Post them in the comments below!

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  • Jon

    I think you nailed the top three for sure! I think it’s important to keep in mind that not all opt-outs are a bad thing. In efforts to maximize my marketing dollars, I tend to remind my customers they can reply stop to opt-out every now and then as text lists get extremely large and even out-dated over the years. If you are following the three points you mentioned above and a contact still opts out, then it’s probably better not to waste advertising dollars on them anyway. They may have moved, changed numbers, etc…

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