July: Ideas That Drive

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We’ve made it over the hump and are halfway to Christmas! July is right around the corner, and you won’t want to miss opportunities to encourage your customers to beat the heat. Check out this month’s top ten ways to connect:

  1. July 1 – 23 – Tour de France: The fight for the yellow jersey begins. Follow along as cyclists traverse through the French countryside! You can integrate fun games and offers as the leaderboard changes each day.
  2. July 4 – Independence Day: Do your customers make you melt like a popsicle on the Fourth of July? Let them know they make you feel fireworks 💥
  3. July 16 – National Ice Cream Day 🍦: We don’t know about you, but we don’t think you need an excuse to treat yourself! Cool down with a cone to celebrate. BONUS: the entire month of July is National Ice Cream month, so don’t be shy with the soft serve.
  4. July 17 – World Emoji Day: 💁🏻📱📤🏆👨?👩?👧?👦👌🏻  Did you get that? Use some fun emoji in your offers today! And yes, CityGro supports emoji texting 🎉
  5. July 20 – Comic Con: Loyalists, unite! Comic-Con might be located in sunny San Diego, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play off the excitement by referencing your favorite superheroes!
  6. July 22 – National Hammock Day: Kick back and relax in the shade 😎. You can even encourage customers to swing on by your store!
  7. July 23 – Parent’s Day: July 23 will be a busy one, no doubt! Give all the moms and dads out there a break with a special offer to celebrate Parents Day
  8. July 23  – National Hot Dog Day: Fire up the grill for some franks! Even better – combine your messages with Parent’s Day for an ultimate 2 for 1!
  9. July 23-July 30 – SHARK WEEK: Duh na, duh na, duh na, duh na. Throw a jawsome party in honor of summer’s favorite week and remember, fish are friends, not food.
  10. July 31 – Harry Potter’s Birthday: fun fact: HP is turning 20 this year. Say, ‘accio, customers!’ with a magical offer to celebrate his big day!
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