Whether you’re recruiting new students or engaging with current ones, CityGro makes the communication process easier with our innovative marketing software for universities and colleges.

Send the Right Message to the Right Students

There are thousands of events related to students each year. How do you know which updates to send to which students? Imagine if your students and athletes could sign up for the updates they want and receive important information by text message or email.

When students check in using either the CityGro iPad kiosk or online using CityGro’s web forms, they are asked specific questions regarding interests. CityGro allows you to group students by interest and send messages only to the ones that care about them. Humanities students will receive humanities updates. Business majors will receive business-related updates. Our marketing software is designed to make university communication more efficient and effective.

Capture student interests with the CityGro iPad kiosk for universities.

Increase Attendance at University Events with Reminder Messages

CityGro helps you put your message where students are looking: their mobile phones. Sending last minute reminders for university events and activities has to lead to more than 10X increase in attendance. Simply sign in to the CityGro portal, select the groups that apply, and send your message.

Send text messages to university students.

CityGro’s Marketing Software Integrates Seamlessly with Your Website

Capturing the traffic that comes to your site is a must in today’s world. CityGro’s web forms allow you to capture student, parent, and faculty information and instantly send them relevant content. This instant data capture allows you to minimize delays and get your information to them while they’re still engaged. After completing a form, they are instantly added to your drip campaigns to ensure they don’t forget about you.

Capture more data with CityGro's web forms.

Better Results at University Recruiting Events

CityGro’s marketing software for universities automates the collection of student information and the distribution of request materials. Potential students use the iPad kiosk to send themselves instant brochures and other information, and you get valuable contact info to follow up on their interest. No more transferring data from spreadsheets, no more trying to read poor handwriting, and no more delays in the time it takes to reach back to prospective students.


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