My Smoothie Shop Love Story: How Loyalty Can Turn Into Advocacy

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Utilizing a loyalty program is a great way to grow your client database and bring customers back, but it’s also an excellent way to establish strong relationships with your brand and clients.

Prior to working for CityGro, I had developed what I considered to be a personal relationship with my favorite smoothie shop. I looked forward to regular texts and deals from them that would warrant a 20-minute drive for my favorite protein shake. I loved when my best friend and I would get a deal on the same day, so we could carpool out there!

Through consistent messages from this smoothie shop, I became a regular visitor. I felt our relationship grow when the store remembered my birthday and sent me a present ahead of time — they didn’t even need the early-morning Facebook reminder! I made sure to tell all my friends how much I loved the store and would often run into them on a Saturday morning visit.

So what can other brands learn from this? Upon joining the CityGro team, I learned that this smoothie shop was utilizing powerful loyalty software to drive in-store visits, but they also succeeded in creating a loyal customer and brand advocate. According to Nielsen, 83 percent of people completely or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know. Just through my own word-of-mouth campaign, I would say that three or four people have been converted into loyalists. Imagine the growth opportunities for this little shop when they utilize marketing strategies and top-notch customer service to keep them coming back!

Here are a few pro-tips that you can implement into your loyalty marketing strategy to develop lasting relationships with your loyal customers:

  1. Start a birthday club! Fact: friends don’t forget friend’s birthdays. Let them know you’re thinking about them a few days ahead of the big day with a perfectly timed (and automated) text.
  2. Don’t forget about the loyalists. Through segmenting strategies, you’re able to group customers into texts lists based on their activity. Don’t write-off your regular visitors, just because they’re willing to pay full price. You can send them updates on in-store specials or promos too, it doesn’t always have to be an offer!
  3. Connect loyalty with your other marketing channels. If you have a presence on social media or are trying to build one, use your SMS messages to link to Instagram and Facebook pages. You can even promote campaigns across channels through this method!
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