Why Digital Waivers?

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With a constant stream of technological innovations, companies are fighting to keep up in the digital age. One of these emerging technologies in the business world is digital waivers. But, why? Digital waivers and liability forms are saving companies in employee hours and associated costs each year. Here are three advantages that digital waivers can offer over the traditional paper forms and ways that they can save you both time and money

1. Eliminate Paperwork

The most obvious advantage to digital waivers is the ability to eliminate paperwork. I remember one of the first times I sat down and met with a business that used waivers as part of their business plan. As we met, I asked what they were currently doing with all of the paper waivers that they had been collecting. I was then shown a separate office full of nothing but waivers. There were filing cabinets stuffed full of paper waivers that hadn’t been touched or looked at in years! I was then told that they had plans to eventually upload them into a digital format, however, the amount had overwhelmed them to the point of ignoring the problem.

Think of the issues associated with having endless stacks of waivers. For one, if there were ever an issue that required finding the signed waiver it’d be like looking for a needle in the haystack. Aside from being a never-ending search, this has potential to become a real legal liability. Another concern is that it requires an enormous amount of storage space simply to stay legally compliant. Imagine what you could do with all that extra space!


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2. Capture Useable Data

Another key advantage to implementing digital waivers is that it allows you to capture useable data. In the example shared above, the business had good intentions to “eventually” upload their waivers into a digital format. Unfortunately, far too often this ends up being neglected. Going digital automatically places your waivers, or data, in a useable format.

This also gives you data that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. For instance, with a digital solution, you can easily access analytics, such as the number of waivers completed within a certain time frame, waiver completions filtered by date and customer demographic information.

3. Enhance Marketing Efforts

Lastly, digital waivers create the perfect excuse to enhance marketing efforts. In addition to collecting a customer waiver, many companies have found this to be an appropriate time to ask for an email address or phone number. With a digital solution, this valuable customer information is automatically compiled into a list to be used for marketing efforts.

Another key benefit takes place when customers are required to sign a waiver each visit. Here, you would also have data such as the last visit per customer and frequency of visits. This data could then be used to segment your marketing list and send the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

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