Color and Meaning in Business Branding

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As a graphic designer at CityGro, I work on hundreds of kiosk designs and marketing materials for businesses. Whether they are large scale corporations or small businesses taking off, I think that all businesses should be actively concerned about their branding, and what they convey with that branding, specifically in this article how color and meaning are directly related.

Something as simple as the color you choose to represent your brand can mean a lot. Let’s take a look at some logos and what they convey through color and meaning.

Color Emotion Branding guide

Red: Attention-getting, warmth, power, passion, action. Red raises the blood pressure, and makes people hungry.

Yellow: Joyful, curiosity, happiness, warmth. Yellow is attention grabbing, and promotes happiness and warmth.

Orange: Affordable, creative, light-hearted, and youthful. Orange combines the effect of red and yellow, exciting, and may drive appetite.

Green: Healing, tranquility, environmental, fresh. Green represents vitality and renewal, and is eco-frinedly and soothing.

Blue: Calming, confidence, dignity, loyalty, trustworthy. Blue is popular in government and medical companies for its authoritative appeal and ability to evoke success and security.

Purple: Expensive, nobility, regal, sophisticated, and spiritual. Purple is a blend of red and blue, and is viewed to have confidence and warmth.

Pink: Feminine, innocent, and gentle. Pink is often used to add female appeal, and represents innocence and delicateness.

White: Peace, purity, cleanliness. White shouldn’t be underestimated.

Brown: Natural and earthy, rough, and utility. Brown is used to represent construction, and depth.

Black: Distinctive, serious, and authority. Black is sophisticated and classic, just like a clean-cut suit.

Color is one of the strongest non-verbal forms of communications that designers can use. Color can instantly evoke an emotion and help people understand the brand is being represented.

Looking at the graphic above, can you see how these famous brands use colors to evoke particular emotions and experiences? Even without knowing a product, simply looking at a particular logo can tell you a lot about how the company wants to be represented.

At CityGro we offer many ways to get your branding seen in the best possible way.

The CityGro loyalty software runs on an iPad or other tablet, and we can design it to your liking. Not satisfied with your current designs? Just call a CityGro Account Pro and we can get you set up with a new look. We can also provide marketing materials such as table tents and posters.

How do you use color in your business?

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