10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This October

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The leaves are changing, haunted houses are opening and pumpkins are everywhere. That’s right — it’s October. In true CityGro form, we’ve compiled a list of October holidays, ideas and milestones to help you get in front of your customers, reminding them to come back in!

  1. National Awareness Month: Send an offer for customers to come in and learn more about your business!
  2. October birthdays: Remembering someone’s birthday is a good way to get on their good side.
  3. October 5: National Do Something Nice Day – This is a perfect opportunity to send out a deal for customers.
  4. Football: Send customers a deal after a local football team wins a game.
  5. October 7: National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day
  6. October 9: Curious Events Day – Send out an offer that customers have to come into the store to find out what it is.
  7. October 10: National Handbag Day – Sell handbags? Offer a discount. Don’t sell handbags? Offer a discount to anyone that brings one in!
  8. October 14: National Dessert Day 
  9. October 16: National Dictionary Day – Offer a discount to customers that come in and tell you a new word they learned.
  10. October 16: Bosses Day – Offer a special for any boss or employee who wants to buy their boss something nice!
  11. October 21: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
  12. October 22: National Make a Dog’s Day Day – Offer free dog treats with any purchase, or have special events for dogs throughout the day.
  13. Fall: Invite customers to come in and enjoy hot cocoa or something pumpkin flavored!
  14. Celebrity’s birthday: October 5th  (Kate Winslet), October 7th (Simon Cowell), October 8th  (Bruno Mars, Nick Cannon, and Matt Damon) , and October 25th (Katy Perry).
  15. October 31: Halloween- send customers 25% off when they come in dressed up in costumes.

The truth is, there’s no shortage of ideas for fun and profitable promotions during the month of October. Flex your creativity muscles and come up with your own ways to bring your customers back.

Just remember — the only bad idea is the one that never gets tried.

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