How to Keep Customers Coming Back

 In Utilizing CityGro

Repeat Customers—The Lifeblood of Small Business

Repeat customers are the key to sustainable long-term growth for your business. Research has showed time and time again that they spend more with you than the average one-time customer.

They also tell their friends about you, helping to grow your business even further. Learning how to harness this power can be difficult and time consuming, leaving many businesses overwhelmed about how to manage and market to valuable customers.

CityGro, however, has developed processes and technology that dramatically simplify the process of cultivating your existing customers and encouraging them to keep buying from you. The CityGro kiosk lets you automate critical customer communication and grows your value to the people that matter most.

Specifically, the CityGro solution:

Capture customer information

Every relationship starts by capturing customer data.

Makes Capturing and Using Customer Information Easy

In order to reach out to your customers, you need to have their information. Old-school methods such as the business card bowl are cumbersome and time consuming for you. They also give the impression to your customers that you are, well, shall we say behind the times?

When you install the CityGro kiosk, obtaining customer data is easy for you and eliminates both the need for you to manually (and perhaps incorrectly) enter their information. It also tells your customers that your business is savvy and able to leverage modern technology while still caring about them.

Similarly, retrieving customer information when you need it is fast and simple with the CityGro kiosk, further reducing the amount of time you need to spend on marketing activities.

Cultivates Greater Customer Loyalty

With the CityGro kiosk, you can schedule communications to be sent to your customers not only at your convenience or desire but based upon each customer’s habits. It can track each person’s visits to your store and plan communications accordingly to keep customers coming back.

You can use your communications not simply to reward loyal customers for being loyal, and encourage others to become so. Try using these opportunities to encourage faithful customers to bring their friends to you!

Grows Your Social Community

When a customer checks in on your kiosk, a message can be automatically sent to his or her phone that allows them to connect with your social media site through a single tap. Getting people engaged with you when away from your store is one of the best ways to make sure that you are the business they come back to when they need your product or service. These messages combined with your social sites will help you excel at keeping people connected to your business between their visits.

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