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March is here and that means it’s the end of the first quarter of 2018, finish strong! In order to help your business bring customers back in and increase sales, we’ve put together this list of marketing ideas to promote during the month of March.

Marketing Ideas for March

  • March 1st – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day: America loves peanut butter, use this to your advantage. Own a restaurant or serve food? Put something special on the menu for those peanut butter enthusiasts! It could be as simple as a special dessert that your servers can upsell guests. Own a gym or fitness studio? Serve special peanut butter shakes or protein balls!

  • March 2nd – National Employee Appreciation Day: Show your customers that you care about your employees by running an employee appreciation contest or highlight several outstanding employees by taking their picture and hanging them in your establishment where customers can see it. Humans buy based on emotion, your customers will like seeing a business that supports their employees.

  • March 6th – National Oreo Cookie Day: One of America’s favorite cookies, make it a fun day by offering special oreo flavored treats. Oreo shakes are popular but if your business resides in a colder state a homemade oreo cookie might be more appealing. Offer them for free to guests waiting to be sat at their table, or add them to a basket at the front of your store to be sold. Don’t forget to upsell milk if you serve it!

  • March 8th – International Women’s Day: Celebrate the women in our lives that mean the world to us as well as the many historical figures that have positively impacted our society. Offer a special discount to all women that come into your store or place of business. In some cases giving out small bouquets of flowers with a purchase might be appropriate.

  • March 9th – National Meatball Day: Who doesn’t like a tasty meatball? If you run a restaurant or serve food offer a special menu item that includes meatballs. Feel free to think outside the box, spaghetti is a solid choice but meatball sub sandwiches can be tasty as well!

  • March 11th – Daylight Savings: The days of reminding everyone to turn their clocks forward are gone with automatic technology. But you can still leverage this day. Offer a special early bird discount. Older couples and families appreciate these deals and can drive business.

  • March 14th – Pi Day: Who doesn’t love free pie? Offer your customers a special upsell or perhaps run a pie eating contest to celebrate this special day.

  • March 17th–St. Patrick’s Day: According to Wikipedia over 33 million Americans have Irish ancestry, making St Patrick’s Day a favorite for March. Think green, have your staff dress up in all green or Irish style clothing. Use safe food coloring to dye the drinks at your bar green. Speaking of drinks, why not offer a special happy hour promotion with green drinks? Serve a traditional Irish favorite, corned beef, and cabbage!

  • March MADNESS – Let the craze begin! Odds are at least some of your customers are March Madness supporters. Is your business located near a college town? Show your support for a local or state college basketball team. Offer special deals if the team you are supporting wins or for every 3 pointers they score gives a special discount.

  • Spring Break– More free time means people will be looking for fun things to do and places to go! Offer things like family discounts, springtime entrees, travel discounts, promotions on seasonal clothing or a big price drop to get rid of winter styles, etc.

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