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In a world of frequent lawsuits, businesses have to vigilantly assess any dangers in their establishment and determine a way to avoid them. This is extremely difficult in certain environments, such as trampoline houses, race courses and shooting ranges. Many customers are coming to these venues to seeking thrills and excitement, and accidents can be very difficult to avoid. In this situation, a waiver form is necessary to protect your company from certain lawsuits by injured customers. Having the form available to complete digitally has a multitude of benefits for your business as well as the customer.

1. Saves Time
Nobody likes waiting in line, so requesting that customers complete the forms online before arriving means less wait-time for everyone. It also saves the company’s time, since a paper copy not only takes the client’s time to fill out, but also the employee’s time to manually enter all of the information into the computer once they have it.

2. Increases Accuracy
In addition to the time saved by offering a digital signature waiver, it also increases the chance that the customer’s information will be accurate in your system. With the paper and pen process, there are lots of places that errors can be made on each end. Illegible handwriting or omitting necessary fields can lead to false records and account information. Even if the writing is perfect and the fields are all filled out exactly, employees can still make mistakes when entering the client’s information into the computer. These mistakes can cost you a new contact if the phone number or email address is written down wrong and you will be unable to reach out to them in the future.

3. Automatically File
When a customer fills out an information sheet online, your website can automatically file it in the database. Digitally organized folders are much easier to search through than file folders, making your ability to find the information again simple and easy. This is another way that online waivers can save time and reduce stress immediately and in the future.

4. Enables Marketing
One of the biggest benefits of having digital waivers stored in your database is that you will then have access to phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays and addresses for advertising purposes. Special offers and event information can be sent via whichever method you choose, making it easy to contact the customer and keep your services fresh on their mind.

5. Saves Money
While the cost of a printed form may be minimal, adding up that amount for every customer who enters your doors means a lot of paper and printing costs. Not only will a digital signature waiver save time for employees and customers waiting in line, it will also save you money in your budget.

If you run a business that requires waiver forms to be signed before use, make the entire process simpler and easier on yourself and your customers by linking to a digital form online. Your clients will come better prepared for their experience and your employees will be relieved of the menial and accident-prone task of entering scores of information into the computer manually. Join the throngs of businesses who are embracing modern technology and moving their waivers to a digital format and start enjoying the benefits today.

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