October 2017 – Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

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Trick or treat! October is full of fun ways to get in touch with your network — here’s our top 10.

  1. SPORTS, lots of them! Support your local or favorite pro team on game day! Here are some important dates you’ll need to know:
    • October 3 – Baseball Playoffs
    • October 4 – NHL season starts
    • October 20 – NBA season starts
  2. COSTUME CONTEST: Get your customers involved by offering a month- or week-long incentive for wearing their costumes into the store! Bonus: take pictures and post them all over your social media!
  3. October 31 – Halloween: Happy Halloween! Make sure your customers know about any special holiday hours or promotions.
  4. October 13 – Friday the 13th: Avoid ladders, black cats and mirrors today! Or boost your customer’s luck with some killer offers.
  5. October 13 – Treat Yo Self Day: Leslie Knope is to thank for this day – remind your customers to treat themselves at your business!
  6. October 14 – National Dessert Day: Ice cream, cakes, cookies, oh my! Offer a special on your top-rated desserts!
  7. Customer Service Week:  The first week of October is customer service week! Encourage social reviews by touting your team’s excellent customer service.
  8. October 6 – World Smile Day: Message your customers encouraging them to flash their pearly whites your way! Or you could say, Thanks for making us smile! Come on in for a special surprise today.
  9. October 9 – Columbus Day: Promote an in-store trivia contest by saying, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in… come on in and tell us the answer for 10% off your order today!”
  10. October 28 – Make a Difference Day: Today is the day! You can make a difference! Consider donating a portion of all sales to a cause near and dear to your heart today. Need one? Rumor has it the American Red Cross is doing great things for hurricane relief.

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