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Get Customers’ Attention by Using a Word Everyone Likes to See: “FREE!”

Promoting something for free doesn’t necessarily mean you are giving things away, but using the word is a great way to get customers’ attention. Often you can get your customers to give you something you want—say, their contact information so you can send marketing messages to them later—for something they want: an extra scoop of ice cream, a bonus scalp massage, or a coupon for a certain dollar amount off their next visit.

Here are a few examples of ways to use this word with your loyalty kiosk or SMS marketing campaign:

  • Buy X, Get Y FREEfree
  • FREE with Purchase
  • FREE on Your First Check-in
  • FREE when You Recommend Us to a Friend

If you can include the word “free” in your marketing plan and sales strategy, people are much more likely to act, especially if there is something immediate that they get for participating.

When deciding on your incentive messaging, give some thought to all the ways you can include the word “free.” You should also try to highlight the word using colors or fonts that make it stand out, if possible. For instance, you may want to feature “FREE” prominently on your kiosk.

Do you use the word “free” in your marketing campaigns? How do customers respond to it?

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